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Fragrance sampler card with handmade scented wax seal

Fragrance sampler card with handmade scented wax seal

Get aquatinted with our scent family and layers of aroma blends through the fragrance sampler card. This exclusive sampler allows first-time explorers to experience a variety of scent types at home. Each sample serves as a trial of complete scent collection, providing a sensory introduction to our aromas before finding the perfect one.

Created with a blend of natural beeswax and soy wax, our fragrance sampler features a sophisticated pairing of waxes at 65 degree, cooled to 60 degree for the ultimate outcome. Each scented wax seal is imprinted with our signature logo. QR code is also attached on the back of the card for interested individual to know the story behind every scent family member.

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A printed 2 x 3in card

How to use it

Unwrap the packages and bring the card with the scented wax seal close to your nostril. Smell the wax seal quickly at first to catch the top note of the fragrance blend. Then try to smell it again as moving the card around to feel the heart and base notes.


We use plant-based, vegan fragrances and waxes to prevent consumers from potential physical harms.

We also implement recyclable/biodegradable materials into our packaging process.

The printed card is partnered with Canva in a recyclable mission to help growing a tree as print is finished.

  • Vegan fragrance blends
  • 30-day free return
  • Free shipping in the U.S.
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  • Free Shipping

    We offer free shipping for every ordered fragrance sample card within the state. We choose USPS Priority Ground to take care of and deliver the orders between 2-5 days.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    It is common to receive the item that you have no chemistry with. We offer 30-day free return for the orders have specific issues or concerns.

Try Scents Freely Online Is Not a Dream

At Shape & Scent, giving several fragrance blends a try is easy as buying typical products online. Every fragrance sampler is adhered with a scented wax seal, resembling the decanters at a perfume house. You choose the most interested scents for try-out and we take care of the rest.

The Scent Library

A plant can tell thousands words. Find what's behind our fragrant and healing herbs.

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