Question Answered

You may have various questions and concerns about our products, brand values, services, and activities. Here, we list the questions and concerns you are most likely to ask and we got them answered as thorough as possible.

Q&A about our promotions


What's your latest promotions?

Our latest promotion is offering free scent sample set for every new customers who visit our website at first time. The scent sample set contains a card with a scent stone attached for people to diffuse the selected aroma blends. This promotion will ONLY be available as a pop-up window showing on the landing page after minute-long visit on our website. Please take some time to follow the guideline on the pop-up ad and complete your freebie order.

(Tips: 1. This promotion allows visitors to sign up his/her first name, last name, and email address to receive our follow-up email with a order link. Then visitors can choose their favorite scent blend and complete the order for free. 2. This promotion is an one-time offer meaning that new customers can only get this "freebie" once. So please select your scent carefully. 3. The visitors who finish the sign-up and order steps will receive the confirmation email guiding them what to do next and how to keep track on their orders. 4. The freebie (scent sample) we offered CANNOT be returned and refunded. However, visitors can cancel their orders within 24 hours after the orders are placed. 5. Per any unexpected cases(not receiving the order/confirmation email), please email to for further communication and solution. )


Products & Services

What are the products made of? Are they safe?

All the products (sold online and offline) are 100% handmade or hand poured in the U.S.A. 

There are no artificial ingredients like additives, preservatives, and even harmful chemical substances involved in our hand making process. We guarantee that all the ingredients (waxes, fragrances, wicks, color dyes) are carefully sourced to maximize the safety level for personal use. To practice, we are promised to conduct a testing process (candle burn test, skin test, etc.) for every handmade product prior to selling them online/offline.

What does “therapeutic scented products” mean and in what ways can they help us?

When we mention the term “therapeutic scents”, we talk about the aromatic compounds which are made from naturally grown plants and botanical substances and derived from distillation, cold press extraction, and any other methods for making scents heal. Here, we are missioned to research the medicinal properties of every (botanical) plant and transform these healing benefits into actual therapeutic products to address personal physical and mental problems. Remember that the “therapeutic power”of every botanical scent we create or select will always be the heart of our healing spirit. 

What makes your products/services unique and why should we care?

  In short, we are not only a handmade scent company, we are more than that. We learn professional knowledge of aroma and botanical science and apply them into our healing products. We research the most updated fragrance market and learn what are the most wanted scent solutions for the current generation. What’s more, we keep expanding our current scent curation and testing out more fragrance blending opportunities. And of course, we can’t wait to tell the beautiful story of this healing world to people like you.

    People should give the aroma power a chance because WE deserve a natural and harmless treatment from where we belong ,even though the aromatic treatment is supportive compared to modern medical treatments. We should buy in because the sense of smell is a neglected natural gift for us to take a pause and reconnect with our inner worlds.


Fragrances & Ingredients

What we should know about synthetic fragrance blends and essential oil blends? How to tell the difference between the two?

  Both synthetic and essential oil blends are applied into our major scented products, and both of these two have their own role to play. Synthetic fragrances are made in laboratories to revive the scents that cannot be created from nature (thinking about the scent of coffee, sugar, and even rain). Their biggest role is to add additional layers for natural aromatic substances and then enhance the fragrance notes(just like adding dressings on your bakeries). Therefore, people will have an enriched experience with the layered fragrance blends. For us, the selection of synthetic fragrances is based on how well they can support the major neutral fragrances (essential oils) to tell a complete healing story. 

   For essential oil blends, we only choose the essential oils that are only made by traditional extraction methods (steam distillation, cold pressing) and have safety documentation. Moreover, we conduct thorough research on the origin and environment of every essential oil to ensure the supreme quality of fragrant materials during the hand making process.

How to tell if the aromatic materials are at their best quality?

There are so many approaches to assessing the quality of essential or fragrance oils. In a professional context, there are specific certifications and documentation (IFRA sheet/Safety data sheet) to label the “qualified oils” by different factors. For individuals who heard these terms for the first time, it is easier for us to check purity, botanical name, origin, extraction method, and chemical composition to evaluate the essential oil you tend to use.

  1. Purity: 

Look for oils labeled as 100% pure essential oil with no additives or synthetic ingredients. Pure essential oils should only contain the volatile compounds extracted from the plant.

  1. Botanical name:

Different species of plants can produce oils with distinct properties, and using the correct botanical name ensures you are getting the desired oil. Check the ingredient list to know what kinds of essential oils are included and what are their scientific names.

  1. Source and origin: 

High-quality essential oils often come from reputable sources with a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. The geographical region where the plants are grown can also influence the oil's composition. In general,the source information will be listed on the product details pages/labels. Thus, we can leave a question mark for any scented product that is not getting its origins publicized.

  1. Extraction Method:

The method used to extract the essential oil can impact its quality. Common methods include steam distillation, cold-press extraction, and solvent extraction. Steam distillation is a preferred method for many essential oils.

  1. Chemical Composition:

A detailed analysis of the chemical composition, often available through gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) reports, can provide insights into the authenticity and purity of the essential oil. It is recommended to choose scent brands that provide relative information about chemical substances involved.