• Get A Physical/Mental Recovery From Burnout.

    It has been a long time that we are being soaked in a nerve racking work and life environment that stresses us out. We have even overlooked the impact of “feeling good” and ignored chasing real happiness. 

    The truth is, plants from nature have robust health benefits for us to rebuild ourselves. Some of them are nerve soothing, and some of them are invigorating.

    The key is to take time and smell it. 

    We provide a chance for you to be closer to the nature and reconnect with the floras and their gifting healing powers that can be seized by inhalation.

  • Find The Real Joy.

    Happiness can be found anywhere and anytime, and yes you can sense gladness from ocean of beautiful aromas. We are born to be keen on certain scent notes and memorize them in our brain for a long period. 

    We are dedicated to sourcing and blending fragrances that can MAKE YOU HAPPY, rather than just being aromatic. We not only pay attention to the relationship between scents and happiness, but more we take a scrutiny on how we feel, explore, and rebuild joyfulness in real life.

  • Heal yourself by inhalation.

    We believe the practice of conscious inhalation can bridge one with relief, mood enhancement, and true him or herself.

    We encourage people to breathe in the aromatic substances and breathe out the tiredness, stress, and any type of discomfort that keeps bothering you. Through the inhalation process, we can clean out all the bad energies (and bad thoughts) from our bodies and only keep delights, happiness, and uplifts.

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Our Mission

From Alison & William

We are on a mission to continuously explore, experiment, develop, and share the most suitable and therapeutic scent solutions for individuals with physical or mental health conditions like Insomnia, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and more.

Know how we make it happen

Our Biggest Secret Weapon

The Power Of Inhalation

As traditional Chinese culture believes, the aromatic substances extracted from natural plants have medicinal benefits for one’s soul (In Chinese we say “神”). People views natural plant product as a spiritual essence managing and balancing an individual's inner world. 

Inhalation is a physical activity that can help us notice our discomforts, explore our therapeutic needs, and touch our true selves through simple but consistent breathing in and breathing out. From smell to cure, the scents play a vital role to connect the two. It opens a dialogue between people and nature, triggers a conversation to our body and mind, and inspires our self-healing ability. 

So don’t forget to breathe, to smell, to experience, and to live better. 

The Power of Inhalation Video